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Friends ? Foe ?

Assalamualaikum ! =)

Friends, someone or a group of people that we share our things, secrets, joy and tears in our life. Friends is something that we need to treasure ,something that can’t be replaced, but friends sometimes not all can be good, sometimes they can be both good and bad at the same time , and how did they do it ? Does him/her/he/she sincere to be friends with us from the start ?
Fickle friends,  an article written by Kristen weir. What does a fickle friend mean? Fickle-pickle?  Fickle friends by definition is changeableness in affections and attachment. This article is about a friends that we believed to be our real ,our one friends but actually they just acting to be nice towards us due to the personality or behavior. These so called ‘friends ‘whom we treat them good enough from the beginning , dare to double-crossing us and backstabbing by badmouthing us though we trust them on our front of the others ,they are our savior, our protector, but who could imagine what they’ve done to us ? Being together with us, from the beginning until the end, but at the same time did things behind our back that is so called fre-nemies .The personality of a fre-nemies is in front of peoples ,they will always look innocent and na├»ve ,but for the reality part is, they are the worst kind of friends that ever existed  .

On the other hand, as the time pass by, the situation keep repeating itself towards us and the others. Those who were most affected is mostly the teenagers , this is because , in this stage the teenagers would mingle, hanging around and be friends with lots of people with different personality ,perspective ,ability and different attitude . We just thought that it is okay, it is NOT OKAY guys! It’s just a lie, an illusion to make us believe to the none truth. Believe on yourself more.

Trust nobody except for yourself as the others are fre-nemies(friends +enemies)
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The Great Debaters.

Assalamualaikum ! =)

Debate , I have recalled of this great movie again since I last watch it in the previous year which is 2011.The movie was entitle The great debater directed by Denzel Washington and produced by Oprah Winfrey’s production. The question is, why I’m suddenly choose this movie to post on as one of my entry ? well , it is simple enough , I’ve been  exposed to the critical literacy-thinking for almost 4 month now ,if I’m not mistaken, you viewers do the math would you ? =P. In the process of learning, we’ve been taught syllogism, and etc. to apply on our life. While watching this movie again for the not-remembered numbers, I was thinking about the things that I’ve been learnt up until now with our superb-critical-thinker Mr. Mark. It come back one by one though not all.

Back to the movie, this movie was an abstraction of a debate coach and a teacher Melvin B. Tolson to put his debate team on the same level as the whites in South American on this particular movie, we can see the scene where the blacks was being discriminate by the whites(sensitive issues), the discrimination of whites to the black didn’t stop even for today, it’s still happen. The things that I found are interesting in this movie when all the students need to compete among their self to appear the best in the world of discrimination, world of unfairness.  
The chosen candidates was selected and being coach by the debate’s coach, they been taught how to debate properly, how to do the preparation, how to use correct grammar, how to overcome the nervousness and etc.

On top of that, the element that I can gather from this interesting movie is the unity. The scene shown that the unity of the black people when the teacher was arrested by the policeman for involves in revolution act-planned. A crowd of blacks were rally outside of the police station to claim for the teacher to be freed.
 As in conclusion, the movie taught me about the debates, how to be a better debaters, sarcasm (sometimes being sarcasm is good), and the most important is on the unity of the people, in this world we cannot live alone to survive. A person needs another person to listen to, to accompany, and community -society needs every single people to be unite to make sure that the society to be this fellas as it was so motivated ,trust me .

here i put a clip that i believe is a really good examples of a debate between the colored and the whites .enjoy. racism is no good, it brings only misery than goods.equality for peoples is humanity.
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Bean ? Peanuts ?

Rowan  Atkinson ? Do you know him?  Or maybe you do know Mr. Bean character? Yes, they both is the same person. How come we won’t recognize him? A  guy wearing a white shirt with a red tie and green-grey blazer/coat and always with his teddy bear “teddy”. We grow up seeing and watching his stands up, movie and sitcom. Do you guys remember how spontaneous and amazing he is in his stage?  I would not say he is good only in his stands up and sitcom, he also has proven to the world that he is also a good actor that made him famous, some of the movie that he starring is Johnny English, Johnny English reborn, Mr. Bean, Pleasure at her majesty, and etc. All of his work always attracted me to watch it again and again without feeling boring and sick of it, that’s the power of him. Because of the popularity of the sitcom of Mr. Bean, the series has been animated and the series had gained lots of attention through short of time.  Amazing right? The influences of the character that he’s been cast to.

The owner of various fast cars, does rowan Atkinson act the same way as he is in the movie, sitcom or his stands up? Do he really that humorous, innocent, clumsy type of people? Too bad he’s not, to be real, in his real life he is a perfectionist and he had said before that “People think because I can make them laugh on the stage, I'll be able to make them laugh in person. That isn't the case at all. I am essentially a rather quiet, dull person who just happens to be a performer”. Well, he really knows how to handle himself and his career. What a guy! Other than that , the other interesting fact that I learn about “Mr. Bean” is he is not dumb at all , the child that trap in the body of an old-middle aged man “Mr. Bean “ ,in fact is an electrical engineering degree holder at Newcastle and oxford university . How come such a brilliant guy that supposed to be seen serious with a good career in engineering world has come out with a really fantastic comedy and entertainment that ever exist. It is worth to said that, there will be no number two, three or four of Mr. Bean in this world again.

In conclusion, what I really want to says is , catch peoples heart with your smile and your humors . In fact, you would not lose anything regardless of being humorous and funny as it was already proven by certain research that laugh would make your life much better and live longer rather than misery.

Be funny!

lets watch on his hilarious video !!!!!!


Assalamualaikum!!!!! =)
Okay, first of all, what do you guys know about parody? Is some newly-found of a melody? Or some spicy food? Well , parody is a imitative work created to mock ,comment or play down its original work ,its author, subject, style and some other target by means of humorous , sarcasm, satiric and ironic imitation. As in information, parody may be found in art, literature, music. Enough with the introduction and explanation of the parody, well the information is on your finger-tips.

Today I will talk about Mel Brooks. The father of parody . Cool isn’t it ? Born on June 28 ,1926, comic genius Mel brooks is an Comedian, Director, Producer, Songwriter, Television Producer, Screenwriter. What a talented person he is right? Parodies and satire seems to be a favorite of people . Among all the directors on this genre, he is one of the most stands out director. A son of a Russian Jewish . On the year that Adolf Hitler declare a war and annihilated Jewish, gypsies   and the others from the German, and he called them as a leaches, most of the Jews were angry and critique the dictator by writing a critical article, but he found another way to ‘critique’ him, the things that make it unique is , he was doing it by make the audience laugh with his hilarious ,amazing and stand out comedy, by  produce a Broadway that make win him an Academy Award called ‘The Producer’ and lots more that make him one of the best comedian and director in Hollywood . Well, can’t say more with the show, it was awesome!

Even though time has change and today generation has its own parody film that popular with the audience and the world such as Vampire sucks, titanic super 3d and etc.  To be compared to the works of “The Producers” , it was way to different  , the way today’s generation work of parody is too ridiculous and mostly does not has any message that can be relate to  in their work, none like the previous generation though people  nowadays has all the technology and stuff that easily found.  who  want to pay for a show that not even entertain and satisfy you ? I’m not!

Lets watch on some cli[s from the "The Producers" .enjoy !!!!!

“The only thing we don't have a god for is premature ejaculation... but I hear that it's coming quickly.”
Mel Brooks

p/s : thinking of watching the producers in real person . welcome to Hollywood !!

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